Jake Costello Bio

Jake William Costello is an actor and stand up comedian/performance artist.He was born in South London in 1982 to Ann-Colette Smith and Barry Smith.

Raised in South London he took part and won a poetry competition for the London Borough Of Sutton at the age of 9 yrs old for his performance of ‘The Supermarket Manager’.

He attended the Croft Drama Group for aspiring actors.

Through the Croft Drama Group, Jake won all 3 medals at a very high level from London Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Unfortunately Jake suffered a broken back from sports and so pursued any line of performance related hobbies including several rock bands where he was the lead singer of Croydon based band ‘Howler Monkey’.

After recovering from such a nasty injury Jake decided to turn all his efforts to education completing his degree at Rose Bruford College and Northampton University.

The next few years were a controversial few years.

He was arrested on numerous occasions for fighting and disorderly conduct.

Jake went to Barcelona to complete a teaching qualification for TEFL.on completing the qualification he found work for a business only to find out it was a boiler room scam.

Throughout all his controversies Jake continued to do stand-up comedy and acted in several short films and feature films.

He is writing new material and is always looking for new projects.

Currently he is developing Spank House for the Yard theatre in Hackney.


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